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There is a reason that some stories are endemic and forever. We see them reflected in public life, the media and of course in our own lives.

Orpheus for President

It is a little late- but I finally got it.  We have two candidates living out 2 archetypes.  John McCain is Heracles, a hero who confronts all challenges directly.  Barak Obama is Orphic in his ability to get people enrolled and engaged.  Both have their advantages and their risks.

Heracles of course has the problem that he is not clear about what to do with his strength.  He ends up doing the bidding of others more than having any vision or idea of his own.  Orpheus on the other hand brings success all the way to the gate, but cannot sustain his discipline long enough to be successful.

So which one is better for the nation now?

Odd as it sounds, I take my queue from the myths under these powerful archetypes.

Heracles does not redeem or change.  He meets his end through the unaware use of power at the hands of his wife who is equally naïve about the power she evokes.  Orpheus on the other hand is eventually reunited with his wife in the afterlife, although he must wander painfully for years and engage in some very dangerous activities on the way.

I do not know if anyone can come through the Presidency unscathed.  I even have some empathy for poor “W” who just wanted to get abortion legalized and put the 10 commandments back on courtroom walls.  George got tossed into a pit he had no preparation for and it has been the albatross on his neck for 8 years. If the office is a test of mettle and endurance, I will count on Orpheus who can attract help and enroll them rather than Heracles who has to conquer all on his own.

I do not agree with the economic policies (and intended social programs) of either candidate, so I will go with the one more likely to be able to build bridges and restore our standing in the world community.  And I trust Barak Obama to seat a cabinet of experienced capable executives.

Today I heard a piece on NPR about the split vote in the Vietnamese community in the US.  As a Vietnam vet, I find it miraculous that they are here and that we are doing buseinss there.  It provides hope that the same may be possible in places such as North Korea, Iran and Syria.  One thing I do know… it happens only when we talk with each other.  And that happens only when we stop shooting.