Through differnt Eyes?

I have no idea if anyone else will read any of this.

This may be one of those “cat blogs” that no one on earth cares about except the blogger and the blogger’s mother.  So- why bother?  It is is simple really.  I write for business, I blog for business and while my writing will likely not lead the pack at Digg- I get my share.  But I am wriing from one side of my mind and one side of my soul there.  Gotta be PC enough to get the message accross.

But not here.  Everyone should have a place where they can be undiluted.

I have an odd view on the world.  My guess is that it comes from too much time to think, read and write.  but I do not think that it is unique or special.  I do not think that I am anything special- any more than each of us is.  And I do think that there are others who are looking at the world and responding with a resounding “Huh?”.  I see miracles in the simple and find myself appalled at the news.  And I wonder if I am the only person who is shaking his head at the world and wondering how we got here.

So- I thought I would stick it up here and see what comes of it.  I will try to avoid using this as a jorurnal and pouring out my angst here.  If you think it is worth reading- invite a friend.

Oh- and this is an anonymous effort to avoid leakage with my more mainstream writing and to prevent the likely defection of clients and colleagues who would be appalled at my points of view.


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