Been a While

I started this blog and then I guess I decided it was just a conceit- and that I did not have time for it.  Probably fueled that fire with the old “no one is reading it anyway” bit- and stopped.  More recently, I figured out why I started it.  I need a place to write in an undiluted manner.

My friend Dick just came back from a trip to Peru to study with Shamans there.  he talks about stuff that is so out on the edge I have to fight to remember it is his reality and not some drug induced fiction.  And who am I to say that it is any more accurate than mine.  In mid conversation, I realized something important.  My views of the world are just as “out there” to most of the people I know as his- but he does not apologize for- or hide- who he is.

To be hair (to me this time), Dick has sacrificed a lot of his life for his studies.  His calling has cost him his marriage and for a while is relationship with his kid.  he cannot any longer practice law or hold much of a job.  So when you come right down to it- dick is more courageous than I am.  I bounder my life to protect it from the kind of upheaval he has had.

As such- I am finally clear what this blog is about.  I need to write with the gloves off.  So I am back.


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