Swift Boating Again? And from the Left

For a moment… just a moment… I thought that this ad from a liberal PAC was going to be a clean message.

They start by making the clear and (I think) defensible statement that being a POW is not a qualification for President.  And they have someone who is credible to make the judgment say it.  It is not very PC in the current chauvanistic environment to suggest that getting shot down and spending time as POW does not qualify one for public office.  So now someone did.

But they just could not leave it at that.  Subjective personal opinion painting McCain as a hot head follows the core message.  Ok- it is one guy speaking his own mind and taking accountability for his opinion.  So maybe not quite a “swiftboat” attempt to rewrite history and discredit John Kerry’s service.  But it is still over the line.

As a Viet Nam vet myself (I was drafted- so get no glory for service- except that I went) I have to honor the sacrifice that McCain made.  Those of us who have not lived through it have no idea.  To tarnish that with a personal attack is a cheap shot.  In fact I imagine that much of the experience can teach lessons that make for a more mature President. And I wonder if this is not another example of the anti-Palin email I wrote about.  Are they going to piss-off independents by taking a cheap shot?  The swiftboat guys did!

I wonder – what would our campaign would look like without this kind of crap?  I guess we would have to focus on the issues.


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